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Race City Steel Delivers Plastics, Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Supplies to Virgina!

Race City Steel, located in Denver, NC makes regular deliveries to VA. We have a large inventory of in-stock plastic and metal supplies and we can travel up to 4 hours for orders over $2,000.

We serve a variety of industries. Some of which include:

Some of the steel and aluminum supplies we carry:

Fabrication Services:

Cutting, shearing, bending, and welding (onsite and offsite).

We carry a full line of plastics, which include: Lexan, MR10, ABS Plastic, HDPE Plastic, Delrin and Accetaline.

Are you looking for excellent service and competitive prices for your steel, aluminum and plastics needs in VA? Then please call Race City Steel for a quote at 704-489-2101 today!

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