Race City Steel Return Policy and Procedures

Race City Steel (RCS) will accept returns for materials that were damaged prior to customer receipt, materials delivered that do not conform to the customer PO/Order, and in some cases material that is ordered incorrectly. For material that is ordered incorrectly by the customer it is at the discretion of RCS whether or not to accept the return. A restocking fee may apply in these cases.

Should you wish to return any material please follow these steps:

  • Contact the RCS sales rep that took your order and request a Return Materials Authorization (RMA). Be sure that you have the RCS sales order number and if possible, please provide pictures in cases where material is damaged.
  • The RCS sales rep will issue an RMA, e-mail you a copy, and notify your driver of the pending RMA. Next time our truck is at your facility the driver will check off the items to be returned and load them on our truck.
  • After material arrives at RCS, accounting will issue a credit memo towards your account.

If you should have any questions about this policy please feel free to call us at 704 489-2101